Booking is accomplished with 48 hours notice* via email.
Minimum booking times are 3 hours per rental, pricing below.

Specify the following in your email:

Date of rental, Equipment required, briefly outline your project.
Please include a phone number where you can be reached, and any other pertinent information such as required services that we offer.

Presses are available Monday through Friday, 10:30 AM-6:30 PM with some evening hours by request.

Fees: As of 2017
- by the hour Rental Fees are $15.00 per hour, per press, for a team of up to 2 people. A 10 hour pass is available for 125.00, up front, and is the best value, but you must pay in advance for this option.
If your team requires additional people to work on-site, please allow for additional fees.

Equipment available for rental:

WM. F. Crull Etching/Intaglio press- 36"x60" Steel bed etching press.

Vandercook Universal I Letterpress, Power with auto/washup - 15x22 paper size, 12x18 plate size. This is an Automatic carriage press, you will need to learn to use it if you have no experience, so plan on a 30 minute tutorial your first time on the machine.

H.P. Designed/built Silkscreen "Parallel" Press- up to 39x48" screens. Paper bed commensurate with screen size.
Silkscreen press rental comes with the free use of up to 2 screens, including emulsion, per day. We also include squeegees and other specialized tools in this price; you just need to bring a film or a file for us to print your film for you, you can do your own coating and exposure on site.

FAQ, Additional services/rates, for planning purposes:

I need some paper cut. Can you do this for me?
Yes, we can do it for you in a jif most of the time. We have a 40" industrial Dexter Lawson paper sheer.... It cuts up to 4" lifts (stack height). Services start at 10.00 per rough cut, or 45.00 minimum for accurate trimming, and run @ 65.0 per hour. However, this is an industrial sheer, and not a toy; for this reason we cannot allow rental of the sheer. Moreover, if you have never presented printed work to be cut before, you may want to get in touch to discuss your needs. We are happy to verbally walk you through it if need be.

Can you trim out after I print?
Sure. See the 45.00 fee above; we require you to:
Clearly note Guide and gripper/locating edges of your sheets.
You must allow for a 10% sheet overage for our clamp pressure during cutting, meaning a 4" lift might see compression damage to the top .4" of soft papers- so you would easily keep 3.6" from that lift below the clamp damage. We also need a 1/8" (.125") gap between parts, so you must allow for a 'gutter' between different elements on the same page.
You must give us a cutting guide. Have your cutting guide ready and outlined/noted before arriving if at all possible.

I need a photopolymer plate prepared. Can you do this for me?
If you are renting time here and have given us more than 96 hours notice, we can process a plate for your in-house use. Min charge for this service is 65.00 and is generally factored by the square inch. We can process from your imagesetter films or you may elect to use our films for a small fee.

I need a film printed. Can you do this for me?
Yes. 26.00 per linear footx42". You can submit files via dropbox or wetransfer- PLEASE submit your files with crop marks built in. Do not rely on us to provide crop marks or to separate layers.
Submit files in 1200 DPI Bitmap format if using photoshop, or if you are using illustrator, save a .PDF with everything set to 100%K (no screens unless you require them).

We use a RIP program to process films. If you require halftone screening, specify an angle and a frequency up to 85 LPI.

I need a screen burned. Can you do this?
If you are renting press-time; Yes.
We use LX 660 Emulsion in house.
Prices- NOTE: these rates do not include film, but assume you will have us print a film as above:

Small screens less than 21x31 are 30.00 per burn.
Medium screens more than 21x31 are 45.00 per burn.
Large screens up to 36x48 are 65.00 per burn.
XL screens up to 43x56 are 95.00 per burn.

DIMS are in screen OD, NOT Artwork size- for info about artwork size vs screen size consult us.
These prices also assume you will provide us with an un-imaged, prepared/cleaned screen. If you are renting time and would like us to image a screen from our library, you may use up to 2 screens during your rental. NOTE: We do not sell screens and the screen stays here/you reclaim the emulsion and any ink haze from the screen after press usage/printing. If you borrow a screen in good condition, you must return the screen in same condition or be subject to a fair restretching fee to have the frame re-meshed.

I want to print a woodcut but I don't have my own roller or really much other than the block and paper. Do you provide rollers or ink knives?
Yes; we provide specific printing tools like rollers, ink knives, paper tearing bars, etching felts.

I need some consumable items, does your price include ______? (newsprint, paper towels, solvents)
we do not provide general consumables. This means gloves, new out of the can printing Ink, newsprint for proofing, personal paper towels for paper blotting, etc. etc.; of course we cannot include these items for a 15.00 an hour rate, but we do provide soap for hand-cleaning, and toilet paper.
We do provide a safe, No-VOC roller cleaner called Genie Roller Wash to remove ink from the roller, and we provide roller and surface cleanup rags for when you're finished printing, and chemicals to clean up the press.
We don't provide OMS or Naphtha for block cleaning purposes, you would need to bring that or baby/mineral oil for yourself, as well as your own oil based etching, litho, or relief inks and materials like setswell compound etc etc.
In the case of silkscreen, we do often have ink leftover from print-jobs. However, don't expect a specific color you require; we have a shelf of small amounts of leftover ink we'd be happy for you to use. But generally, you'll need to bring your own silkscreen ink to print with. We recommend Jacquard ink. You can order this from Victory Factory, actually, or purchase it from Artist and Craftsman supply- which is the closest art supply store.

I want to leave some items on a drying rack after printing. Can I do that?
Maybe; depends on how long. If you disappear, please note we reserve the right to remove your items from the rack. Please also note we are not responsible for the handling of items left behind unclaimed for longer than 2 business days, and you must get permission before doing this. But note- Anything you leave behind is at your own risk.
You'll also be asked to rack to the bottom of the shelf, and you need to understand whoever racks above you is going to have to be given courtesy to work with the rack- so please take up the most efficient amount of space possible with your printed work.

*So sorry, but we don’t allow walk-in style usage due to the specialized nature of the equipment. If you have immediate needs, you can call us to discuss press availability. You must reserve in advance, and you will be required to fill out a membership application and applicable paperwork your first time. For your own safety, if we have never seen you print before, you may be required to demonstrate ability or knowledge on any of the machinery you wish to use; please do not be insulted if you are asked some questions to demonstrate this knowledge. If you lack competence and elect to obtain assistance with your project, we can provide this at an hourly rate of 65.00/hour in addition to your press rental fees.