*So sorry, but we don’t allow walk-in style usage due to the specialized nature of the equipment. If you have immediate needs, you can call us to discuss press availability. If you are a new member- you must reserve in advance, and you will be required to fill out a membership application and applicable paperwork your first time. For your own safety, if we have never seen you print before, you may be required to demonstrate ability or knowledge on any of the machinery you wish to use. If you require assistance with your project, we can provide this at an hourly rate.

We offer two categories of access- Dayrate/Allacart, and membership based.

Alla cart and dayrates
This is for individuals who wish to access the press for a particular project, but not necessarily on an extended basis. These are available to the GPP- "general printy public"- and don't require access plans.

DAY RATE: $80 - 8 hour day, generally available 10-6, Tuesday-Saturday.

10 HOUR $125.00 PASS (Up to 15 hours per week) These passes are purchased by the 10 hour block, and the hours can be used in various combinations- not necessarily all at once. 3 hours minimum per reservation. This is the most flexible printing access that we offer, but keep in mind it is by appointment and not a general access plan like the weekly commitments below- you must continue to make appointments. 10-6, Tuesday-Saturday.

We offer evening hours upon request in some circumstances; please contact us for availability.

Commitment based plans:

These plans are available to individuals who have already rented time by the day rate, are based upon an application review process, and they require a 6 month commitment- they are pay as you go, but you will agree to an extended commitment if you are to be provided with preferential pricing.

PART TIMER $250.00 This plan provides part time access overall, but unlimited access during the posted hours.
Access is either 10-5:30 daily, Tuesday-Saturday.
This membership includes some flatfile storage and a bin for your tools or goods.
Commitment: You must agree to purchase time at the studio for 6 months to one year from your date of membership instatement.

ALL IN ONE $400 per month
all-inclusive 24/7 printing access. For our most advanced and dedicated members.
You will have demonstrated extreme proficiency with the medium and are required to have been a member for at least 4 months. You will receive a key to the shop and be granted access to the shop as a full member.
This includes 2 full drawers of flat file storage to store plates and projects on site, as well as a cupboard space for your belongings.*
This membership is available to individuals who would like to rent for a full year.

*Haven Press will not be responsible for your items and they are left at your own risk.


We accept two forms of payment- Checks made out to Haven Press, Inc; and Credit Cards at the point of sale. We ask that you make a deposit on your key.
Our policy on payments:
Credit Cards include a 2.7% processing fee. You must be present with your card to make a card payment- IE, we have to swipe it. Checks are no-fee, but if your check doesn't clear you are responsible for all fees associated and will be invoiced for them in total.