Jason Kofke is the third artist I ever worked with- I invited him to make a print, and we created a lithograph together using traditional stone lithography drawn with careful tusche washes and litho crayon. The project finalized off with some Chinne Colle as the ending detail.

The lithography was printed to base sheets of Kitikata paper in two cells, which were drawn on the stone side by side. These sheets were then allowed to dry and were applied to a carrier sheet of Somerset Velvet with a template. The surface is extra smooth but retains a very organic quality to the edges of the images themselves.

Jason is currently (as of 2009 and continuing into 2010) in China on an artists residency. He does make prints himself but I had the distinct pleasure of assisting him with his first lithograph ever. We were both students and younger and hungrier.

Everything Will Be Ok, ICBM 1986