This print, by Kate Hanrahan, was a very early collaborative work for me- it was part of what lead me to want to be a collaborative printer.

While the artist and I were still students, and on an off campus program located in Lacoste, France- we collaborated on an etching and lithograph mixed-media print. Kate had experience with Linoleum cuts and Screenprinting on a limited level at the time, but we were collaborating on what would be her first etching ever, and her first experiences with putting a printed piece together in collaboration with someone else.

The plate was prepared and grounded by me, and the drawing and development of the image was done by Kate. I had never worked collaboratively before and found that trying it on a friend was the best route. Of course I fell in love with it- helping someone to realize their image through technical assistance was not only satisfying, but extremely gratifying.

This piece was printed in two parts and hand assembled by the artist. The etching was printed onto very thin, transparent silk, and the lithographic portion was printed to a sheet of paper with a photo-litho plate- the silk was then stitched to the paper over the litho portion and allowed to hang loosely.

The effect is a very ephemeral thing, and the drawing moves with the wind if allowed to sit out in the open air. I love her treatment of the materials and the way in which she inventively applied the medium, and relied upon me for problem solving (how would we print this on silk?) and still got her hands dirty with the crafted aspects of the piece (sewing and assembly). Her feelings toward the project definitely helped sew the seeds for my feelings about collaboration.