We currently offer contract printing services (both the printing and production of plates) in the following media:

Letterpress up to 16"X20" image size (from type or plates),

Screenprinting up to 22X30 image size,

Lithography from Aluminum plates and stones (sponged and rolled and cranked through by hand, sizes vary),

Relief Printing (Woodblock/Linocut) up to 26"X50" image (28"X55"paper sizes),

and though we don't have platemaking facilities for it yet, we can edition:
Etching/Intaglio plates for you up to approximately 22"X30" plate size, whether in copper, zinc, photopolymer, or alternative processes like collography.

We recently rebuilt our shop, and are ready to receive you for a studio visit to discuss your job or just talk about printing things in general!