Relief Printmaking involves two distinct operations:

Image making: The carving or creation of a matrix (Plate or block) and Printing: The inking and image transfer of that matrix to the final substrate. Here at Haven Press, the printed substrate is the end goal- but along the way, the creating of that image on the matrix is an engaging and leading part of the process; we invite the artist to be a part of both operations.

Pricing starts at 450.00 for 1/2 day, or $950 full day- this fee is not inclusive of any necessary materials/mechanical functions like lasering or digital film printing.
We provide materials for projects and a printing press to edition them on, with an ample 36"x60" metal bed for smaller precision cuts- or a 36"x89" particle board bed for XL projects.
We provide services based on an hourly rate for this type of project because it involves hands on work that is unpredictable and image-based; a difficult block to cut might take days or hours.

More information:
A Matrix is defined as a plate or block holding an image; here at Haven Press we have no predisposition to a particular way images are put onto the plate or block, as we find that how this image is created is irrelevant to it's use as a carrier of that image. The end goal is justified by the means; if you are a photographer interested in using wood grain as an image carrier, we can laser engrave. If you are a sculptor interested in carving a block with gouges, we can supply you with a prepared block and gouges, or even a mechanical reciprocating chisel.

~Hand Carving - by employing gouges, chisels, burins, and other tools, an image is created by selectively removing material from a sturdy surface of wood, linoleum, metal, plastic, or other flat sheet. Depending on the skill level of the person doing the carving, various materials are available to work with.
We offer image sizes that are quite large, up to 72"x30" with this process when working with wood or mounted linoleum.

~Laser Engraving - Through the use of a laser engraver, we etch away a digital image into wood, plastic, or other laser compatible materials. This is a good process for digitally derived images or designs that rely upon photographic source, photo-collage, or other non-drawing based processes. Drawings can also be faithfully translated using this process.
We offer image ranges from 20x30 inches with this process.

~Photopolymer plate - We can print from a material known as Photopolymer. These are printing plates developed for the letterpress and packaging industry, but they can be a great way to translate an image to a relief-compatible surface photographically rather than through the use of laser-engraving; they're an alternative that is best suited to fine lines and aspects that require precision that sometimes is better reproduced with a photographic process. This process is available up to 18x24".

~Metal Etchings - We're able to cover a copper plate with a ground and allow an artist to use a more fluid drawing approach to the process- by painting, stenciling or scratching, the artist can work both additively and reductively with plates that are subsequently bathed in Ferric Chloride etchant solution. The etch produces the raised/recessed aspect of the plate and is inked just as other relief prints are inked.