Haven Press Studio can print your artwork for you the old fashioned way- by hand.
We don't use mechanized offset presses or automatic feeding of any kind, so our run counts are usually lower than commercial shops.

We also don't generally do 'reproductive' printmaking, meaning we don't reproduce existing artworks. We would rather focus on original prints as the general format for services we provide.

However, Digital resources are available for designers and illustrators who implement computer software or work photographically, and would like to output their separations to film; we can provide this as a service- email us for quotes on a project-to-project basis.

As an added note, unless it's for a specific purpose- we generally do not print on textiles or shirts or underwear or wigs or pens or stickers or mousepads (Seriously, bill, stop asking me to print mousepads. I'm not going to do it.), although we could probably do some wacky stuff if it were a specific purpose.
If you have some strange idea about having something printed, and you think it is a good idea- just ask. Even if we don't print it, chances are we can refer you to a capable, recommended printer for the job.