Haven Press provides Screen, Plate, and Film imaging services.

To receive a pricelist and guidelines for imaging a plate or screen, or information for out film output services, please email us: mark@havenpress.com - for a .pdf.

Services we provide on a general basis:

• We process Photopolymer plates for letterpress printing or hand inking with our Anderson and Vreeland Platemaker, up to 11x16.25 inches in dimension.

• We can prep and process photopolymer plates for intaglio style printing up to approximately 17X22" image size (larger if the plate incorporates the recommended borders).

• We can coat, expose, washout, and blockout a screen for you up to 24X36" image size/40x54 screen frame.

•We can handle the preparation and exposure of photo-litho plates up to 30X40" (ask about oversize films). We stock EMERALD plates for hand-printing, which can be purchased at a retail rate. Need developer? We can provide you with pre-mixed developer for a fee.

•If you need consulting on how to make or set up a particular type of printmaking plate to work on yourself, we can help with this- whether you just need an intaglio plate de-greased and hard ground applied to needle through, or want to draw on a litho plate or silkscreen with traditional materials to be processed at a later date- but have no idea how to prepare these items yourself- we can provide you with prepped, alla-cart printmaking materials per your needs as well as some cursory technical information to assure you work the materials correctly.

• We facilitate the CNC carving or laser cutting of woodblocks through separate vendors by preparing and selecting materials to be cut- Then your designs or artwork can be applied to these prepared surfaces from vector or bitmap files. At the end, we provide you with a block or plate ready to roll.