• • • • • Haven Press provides Screen, Plate, and Inkjet Film Positive imaging services.• • • • •

To receive a pricelist and guidelines for imaging a plate or screen, please Contact us - You MUST include an image for us to refer to in order to receive a price. No exceptions.
Pricing is subject to change as materials fluctuate, so please always contact us for a re-quote.

Acceptable Image types:
Illustrator- high quality print .PDF with ANY type OUTLINED - DO NOT include fonts or try to package fonts.
all items unlocked - do not forward an .AI file or any other type of document such as an indesign file.
We need one file per instance of imaging (meaning, please do not send us 4 11x17 files in order to make a larger 22x32 screen.)

Photoshop- Minimum 300 DPI, but 600 is better: .PSD, .TIF. For .BMP files, we recommend a 1200 DPI resolution, or as high as you can make it. ZIP .BMP files or submit a https://www.wetransfer.com or www.dropbox.com link if the file is larger than an email attachment allows.

Services we provide on a general basis:

• Letterpress-
We machine process Photopolymer plates for letterpress printing. We do this ONLY for in house projects or artists/designers who are printing on site. NO offsite processing. Typical pricing for letterpress platemaking is .57 cents a square inch, rounded up to the nearest dollar amount; we go by area within crop marks. We can image up to 16.5x21".
We DO process plates VIA inkjet films, using a specially designed UV blocking ink made by American Inkjet Systems. This does not allow for negative halftones or typically for very fine lines as traditional imagesetter films would.
If that is unintelligible to you, you should Contact us with your art and we'll let you know if it will work with the process.

• Screenprinting-
We can image screens up to 43x54" OD.
We coat with Ulano LX-660, an excellent emulsion made right here in Brooklyn. It's good enough for us, and so it's probably going to be excellent for you.
Contact us with your artwork to receive a price, and we'll set you up with all the information you need.

• Film Imaging-
Our films are printed in house on our Epson 9900 and RIP software.
Max Film image Width: 43"

Cost: 24.00 per linear foot (12"x43"), min order charge is one foot (24.00).
You may tile films to fit within a window that is ??"x43" if you submit all art in one larger file. Contact us for instructions and please see file guidelines at the top of the page.

• Photolithography-

•We can handle the preparation and exposure of photo-litho plates up to 30X40", but currently we do not stock developer or plates. This may change in the near future- check back. However, if you are interested in pursing a lithography project and require a service to expose and develop plates, we can provide these services. Contact us for a quote.


We now laser cut or engrave woodblocks or other laser-reactive relief surfaces for artists and designers, up to 2 feet x 3 feet in size. *

Typically the charges for these services are 125.00 per hour of cutting, 45.00 per hour of design time, rounded UP to the nearest half hour.
(So, a small plate at 45 minutes of engraving time is 125.00 plus at least 15 minutes of design time at $22.50 totals to $147.50 for the services portion.)

Please note: Materials are not included in services pricing. You provide your own blanks, we offer the engraving or cutting services; price your own materials. Please Contact us to approve materials before purchasing final materials for production.

*One sample test block is furnished in this price at 4x4" to assess and engrave a small section of work and allow you to preview the relief involved; however, these samples become the property of Haven Press.