Haven Press provides Flatstock Screenprinting services on paper and other flat materials.

Screenprinting services start at $189.00 for 18x24 images in black ink, and scale up with image size and artwork color requirements.

Turnaround for Screenprinting:
The process can take 2-3 days working time for a single color from the time you drop your art if we were to rush the project for you, but actual turnaround time is generally 1-2 weeks when we have work in the shop that is ahead of you. More complex projects can take multiple weeks to work out and might involve prep work that is difficult to estimate or lead times based on resources coming in like mesh stretched specific to your job.

How do you work with art?

We can source from digital separations provided by illustrators or artists; we can also shoot screens from hand painted films.
If you prefer to make a hand-painted mockup, we can separate files for you if you require this service.
What we generally don't do is 'reproductive printmaking', which involves translating oil paintings or other existing artwork like watercolor paintings to screenprinting using color separations. If you've already made the painting, but didn't make it with screenprinting in mind, chances are you will be better off having it digitally printed.
We work with photo-emulsion to translate images onto our silkscreens with an exposure unit.

Do you have a minimum amount required to print?
No. We can proof on newsprint or brown paper until the image is right and then run it off on even a single piece of paper for you for one color work. For multiple color work, we need a few extra sheets but we can run a handful for you if you wish.
Please keep in mind, we do not price 'by the print', we price 'by the setup'- so while we have no minimum amounts, we do have minimum fees which are based around the setup of a print job- the pre-press work and makeready, color mixing, etc.

What kind of presses do you have?
We have two presses- a hand-squeegee printing table for small editions or hand-processes like watercolor monoprints, and a Svecia SSM flatbed semi-automatic screeprinting press for longer runs or larger images that would be difficult to hand pull due to scale.

Both are for Flatstock (paper and board) printing. Keep in mind we do not produce shirts or bags or textile work.
We can print on wood, mat board, and other rigid substrates.
We've done some boxes, record sleeves, printed on mounted muslin, wood, pyralux (PCB material), and other objects that were a bit more experimental.

How can I get a quote?
That's easy, forward us the relevant information in an email:
Image size; digital artwork files (.PSD or .AI or .PDF) or photos of the maquette you've made; the amount of pieces you would like us to make; paper type, if applicable yet; and the amount of colors your project is designed to require. Anything else relevant you choose to include like a budget requirement or information about a timeline/turnaround time are also quite helpful.

Our minimum charge screenprint quotation does not include paper, and it is based on the image size, and includes a pre-press trim/square up of your stock as well as film, screen, and a basic black ink; adding anything more will increase the cost.

There are Three fields/sizes we offer, in inches. Please accept that we do not include paper in these prices; we have house paper we can provide if you request it, and we are happy to walk you through paper stocks available from our suppliers- but due to the generally custom nature of our client needs we anticipate you will specify a paper we will have to quote and acquire.
Reflecting this, our price structuring this is for the printing services only and paper is added at the time you designate a stock. Please allow for overages in the amount of 10% first color, +5% overs in additional colors when estimating your own paper stock; also allow for some extra margin around the image for handling while printing.

If you require other services like complex paper prep (large sheet division etc pre-press), ink mixture (custom color matches), special inks (metallic? Fluorescent?), or services like paper deckling (ripping the sheet down for a natural look), we can add these to the total but require your information to fashion you an accurate quote. When you get in touch, please- specify as much information as you can.

Base Prices for printing services only:
(note- this pricing does not include complex paper prep or extra services/needs- bare bones single color pricing)

12x18 - Starting at $189.00 per color, for up to 120 pieces run through.

Mid size
Up to 18x24 - Starting at $189.00 per color, for minimum of 60 pieces run through. Base price, does not include extra services like cutting or ink mixing.

Larger scale
Above 18x24, up to 24x36
Starts at $265.00 per color, minimum of 60 pieces run through.