We use skillshare to host signup and information regarding our workshops. You can go directly to the workshop at the link below:

Skillshare Screenprinting Workshop

At Haven Press, screenprinting workshops focus on printing paper.

They come in two session or four session formats, and depend on whether you wish to attend on the weekend or the evening. If you're interested in enrolling, you can find the class in our Skillshare listings.

The weekend workshops are designed to package into two days, and begin at 11:00 AM on saturdays and sundays, and run until 7:00 PM both days with an hour lunch in the middle.

The evening workshops begin promptly at 7:30 PM and finish promptly at 10:30 PM.

Each involves approximately 4-5 hours of hands on instruction, and about 2-3 hours of independent work. These are supplemented by one additional 10 hour pass which students which students use to return and complete some independent work.

The Parallel Screen Printing Press.

Participants will learn how to pull single color screen prints on paper or board from images they bring with them to the workshop.

We cover:

• image preparation from digital images or analogue drawings on film, including info about trapping.
• screen-coating, screen exposing and developing
• Press setup, ink mixing, and printing craft of screenprinting.
• Registration- a simple method used to line the art up on a sheet of paper with precision and repeatability.
• The class has the option of culminating with a second color-run for those interested.

Everyone leaves with an edition of prints they create themselves with guidance from the instructor.

• Finally, students will be taught how to reclaim a screen for re-use, because screens can be used over and over.

• An added objective is to familiarize students with the workshop space. This is a gateway course- after students take it they can register for workshop time at the studio and come to use the screenprinting press of their own accord.


The Haven Press Washout booth.