At Haven Press Studio, we print fine art by hand.

The idea for this shop was born out of an interest in providing accessibility to printmaking. We want to spread it's influence. We want to make things and to help you make things as well. We think printing is something that most anyone can (and should) learn about. Like any craft, it may take a master to practice it with precision- but the more laypeople know about it, the more it's influence will spread.

That's why the shop is known as "Haven Press".

What kind of services does Haven Press Provide?

By taking an innovative stance on media within print, we specialize in the use of time honored techniques alongside contemporary technology- old meets new.
We love providing printing services to artists and designers, publishers, and people who are interested in having something made into an edition- experienced customers or not.
If you're interested in having something made, contact us. We can walk you through the entire process step by step, estimate your custom work, and provide you with a detailed pricing scheme that allows you to tailor a project to your needs. We can produce a variety of projects from multi-color mixed media works, photo-intaglio style etchings, to flawlessly executed complicated print-related projects like books, beautiful/simple works on paper with a perfectionists edge, precisely printed letterpress stationary and calling cards printed by hand, wedding invitations, and the list goes on and on.

Haven press also provides it's printmaking workspace for experienced print artists to come and practice their craft on communal equipment.

This is facilitated through day rentals and is a membership-based cooperative.
For information about renting time on a press, see our cooperative page and our fees and costs page.

If you'd like to visit Haven Press Studio, please feel free to contact us to arrange an appointment for a scheduled studio visit.


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