Haven Press Studio is a fine art printmaking workshop located in Brooklyn, New York. Owner/Operator Mark Herschede uses printmaking techniques and equipment to produce fine art editions for publishers and independent artists. Works are created through the tradition of collaborative printmaking, wherein a skilled artist and a skilled printer work together to make an edition that neither could produce on their own. The printmaker brings expertise in technique, the artist brings the idea, hands, and image; the result is a printed edition which translates the artist's concepts into an original piece of art, realized in multiples. Neither a copy nor a singular work, an original print edition is a set of like objects made in a unique manner from any original work the artist might create.
These works are created on/with paper and other flat stock materials in a variety of imaging techniques from silkscreen, letterpress, woodcut, and intaglio/etching traditions, but whenever possible the artist works with the matrix directly. The workshop maintains a series of equipment and materials for the production of editions in silkscreen, relief, intaglio, and offers photo-imaging as well as traditional methods in each of these processes.

Mark has produced editions for artists and publishers from many genres, including:
Jarred Fitzgerald,
Uri Aran,
Samuel Lewitt,
Michael Scoggins,
David D'Andrea,
Stefan Sagmeister,
Daniel Albrigo,
Alex Gingrow,
Visitor Design,
Scott Campbell,
Jason Kofke,
Desert Island,
Danielle Kroll,
Nim Ben Reuven,
As well as various publishers such as Scott Eder Gallery (representing Jim Woodring, Kim Deitch, and many others), notable institutions such as Independent Curators International and The Swiss Institute.

To contact and inquire, please email mark@havenpress.com

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